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Acciona develops first platform to guarantee renewable origin of green hydrogen

ACCIONA has developed GreenH2chain®, the world’s first platform based on blockchain technology that guarantees the renewable origin of green hydrogen. This new tool will also allow clients to verify the transportation and delivery process of this type of clean energy.

With GreenH2chain®, ACCIONA’s customers will be given access to a digital platform that will allow them to verify and visualize the entire green hydrogen value chain in real time and from anywhere in the world.

This technological solution will allow renewable hydrogen consumers to quantify, record and monitor the decarbonization process of their own energy supply. In addition, GreenH2chain® provides all the necessary information on hydrogen consumption itself as well as data for calculating the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that consumers avoid by using this type of green energy.

In the future, GreenH2chain® will be complementary to any official systems dedicated to certifying the renewable origin of hydrogen, once these are established. ACCIONA’s platform will offer its differential values to these schemes both at European level and in each country individually.

The platform will be implemented in the Power to Green Hydrogen project, designed to create a green ecosystem on the island of Mallorca (Spain). ACCIONA will also use GreenH2chain® in all future renewable hydrogen generation projects.

ACCIONA created GreenH2chain® together with FlexiDAO, a firm that provides electric software tools to utilities for digital energy services. FlexiDAO is one of the startups to take part in ACCIONA’s I’MNOVATION open innovation program.

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Blockchain Technology: Practical cases of application in Industry

A seminar dealing with Blockchain Technology was held on October 14, on the topic of: Practical case studies in industry. This seminar, aimed mainly at companies, especially SMEs and start-ups, was the 2nd of its kind for promoting and raising awareness in the SUDOE Basque Country region, in a joint project with IKERLAN,ERAIKUNE, HEGAN and FVEM

The seminar consisted of 4 presentations by experts to inform industrial companies about best practices and the advantages and developments made available by digitization and the use of technology, especially blockchain.

The schedule began with an introduction by Ana Villate, director of HEGAN who welcomed all those present and by Adolfo Rey, CEO of FVEM who explained the context of the session and the project’s main objectives, the program’s activities and the working groups.

Oscar LAGE, head of Cybersecurity & Blockchain at TECNALIA and Mario Pérez de la Blanca, expert in aircraft security for AIRBUS, presented Chainbus, their success story. It is a platform based on Blockchain that shares significant information on air route security.

Aitor Urbieta, team supervisor for Cybersecurity on digital platforms for IKERLAN and Aitor Arrondo, head of IT at ORKLI, described how secure data exchange in industrial machinery can generate new business opportunities, explaining where they have applied it and how it works, a “win-win” situation for everyone, users and machine manufacturers alike…

Urko Larrañaga, Blockchain supevisor at IZERTIS and Maite Alvarez, head of the ICT business division at TECNALIA, told us the story of EUSKATE’s success: the aim of which is to generate new information based on the use and application of Blockchain technology in industry, especially in Advanced Manufacturing and its scenario of production automation, enabling the manufacture of new products, processes and services that can considerably improve on their currently accepted versions.

The day ended with a presentation by Miguel Palacio, Senior Consultant for Generation, Distribution and Mobility at PETRONOR / IZERTIS. He talked about a research and development project into technologies for the whole value chain in the energy management process, to explore new services associated with electricity supply.

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First BLOCK4Coop Conference

Last March 11 we held the first conference day under the title of “Blockchain Technology: Transparency and trust come to industry” at the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Bizkaia.
The day was held with the aim of presenting practical industrial cases offered by Blockchain, as well as opportunities for industry, the enabling capacity of this technology in the digital transformation of organisations, its application in the Cloud and in company cybersecurity.

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Meeting of BLOCK4Cooop Partners in Aveiro

Last February 12 and 13, the BLOCK4COOP Project partners gathered in Aveiro (Portugal) to share the progress made as part of the BLOCK4Coop project and the tasks to be carried out by the partners during the first year of the project’s implementation.