Dec 15 2020


14:30 - 16:00





On 15thDecember, AIDA CCI will be hosting, with the collaboration of INOV INESC, the “Block4Coop” Project presentation session.

The purpose of this project, which is being carried out under the INTERREG SUDOE VB programme, is to implement BLOCKCHAIN technology as a method of digital transformation for companies, improving their competitiveness.

The purpose of this initiative is to present the project and its activities, as well as to demystify what BLOCKCHAIN technology is and reveal its applicability in the industrial sector. To this end, the session will feature a specialist in the study and development of this technology.

The BLOCK4-COOP project is being developed by Portuguese, Spanish and French partners in 4 Regions: Centre – Portugal; Aragon and Basque Country – Spain; Auvergne – France, until August 2022, and has three specific objectives:

  • To determine the level of application and needs of blockchain technology in the regions participating in the project;
  • To facilitate the incorporation of advanced technologies (blockchain, IoT, Bigdata) in industrial sectors;
  • To create a stable collaborative network between public entities, companies (especially SMEs), start-ups, business representatives and technological and knowledge agents from the 4 participating regions

In this respect, we invite the industrial business sector to participate in this session, and to learn how your company can increase its performance and competitiveness with the implementation of BLOCKCHAIN, according to your needs (self-diagnosis) and your level of technological expertise.


14h30 – Inaugural Session

The Block4Coop project and its activities

AIDA CCI – Cristina Martins

INOV INESC – António Leal

15h00 – Blockchain Technology and its potential

LOAD – Afonso Monteiro Blockchain Enthusiastic

15h45 – The applicability of Blockchain in SMEs (Diagnostic)

INOV INESC – João Ferreira


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