May 19 2020


16:30 - 17:30





Blockchain has burst onto the scene as a new transversal technology that combines: low cost, traceability, high security and transparency. Thanks to this technology, the tokenisation of assets is now changing the financial industry, leading to an optimisation of processes and providing a secure, much more efficient and low-cost access.
This tokenisation eliminates intermediaries in the marketing of assets and facilitates liquidity in the market. Equally, it offers access to retail investors and professionals, offering access to certain types of assets that were inaccessible to many investors until now.
In this session we will learn about the way in which Blockchain and tokenisation can help overcome current difficulties in company funding and the vision of different types of investors and financial regulators. It will give us an insight into the future prospects for the procurement of investment and debt thanks to Blockchain.

– Situation of Capital Markets. Current difficulties in company funding.
– The development of Blockchain and tokenisation in Spain and the rest of the world over recent years: ICOs, STOs, DSOs, IEOs, etc.
– A vision of different types of investors: institutional, professional and retail.
– Future prospects for the procurement of investment and debt thanks to Blockchain.
– Personal story: Portfolio.exchange

Aimed at investors, professionals, SMEs and large companies interested in Blockchain applications in capital and funding markets


Zaragoza. 1983. Marketing Diploma from ESIC. International Marketing Module from ESIC/University of Cambridge. CRECE Programme from the IE (Instituto de Empresa) business school.
Trainer of trainers. +15 years’ experience of managing the family business, commercial and marketing manager at several different companies in the training, technology and investment sector.
Professor, mentor and consultant at: EOI, ESIC, ICEMD, IEBS, ICADE, ICEX, Centro Estudios Garrigues, ESNEDI, Founder Institute, INCIBE, Tetuan Valley, Google Launchpad, LaunchTF, Startup Weekend, etc.
Founder of portfolio.exchange, dws.io, Blockchain Day1 and Linkovery. Cofounder of Loogic Ventures. Partner in Loogic and SmartMoney.
Book: Blockchain in 30 minutes.

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