Workshop: Opportunities to improve competitiveness with innovating technology for the construction industry


Mar 03 2022


09:00 - 14:00

Construction is characterised, overall, for being a poorly digitised industry, with low use of standard, methodological or industrialised procedures, unstructured, highly manual, with complex supply chains and many participating agents, frequently with conflicted interests.

Moreover, to these characteristics of the industry the following challenges are added:

  • Urgent need for qualified workforce.
  • Fluctuation in commodity prices, still unstable.
  • Fostering the renewal of buildings at a large scale.
  • Quality and environmental requirements more and more demanding.
  • Urgency in processing licences and permits with public entities.
  • Managing the risks of the activity, cash flows.
  • Agility in the company’s document management.
  • Traceability of services and liabilities in case of litigation.
  • Adjusting execution deadlines.

In this regard, despite the industry’s complexity as a whole, companies are working on transforming themselves and evolving towards a digital, industrialised, efficiency, sustainable and circular construction.

Companies are implementing new technologies and methodologies to face these challenges, ensuring solvency and sustainability of the business, creating value and promoting competitiveness in their organisations. The pandemic has greatly sped up this process and there are more and more success experiences and cases in the following technologies:

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling), where almost 20% of public projects tendered demand digitally modelled documentation.
  • Sensor and measuring predictive asset maintenance, both of construction works and buildings.
  • Laser measuring, point clouds, virtual and augmented reality.
  • Virtual reality as a commercial tool for end users.
  • Simulators and augmented reality for off-site maintenance.
  • LEAN Constructionto optimise execution of construction works.

Therefore, ERAIKUNE invites you to take part in the workshop “Opportunities to improve competitiveness with innovating technology for the construction industry” whose goal is to provide technologies solutions to the specific challenges of business shared by the industry. The enabling technologies to deal with are cybersecurity, IoT, Blockchain, BIM simulation, among other.

The workshop will be held on 3 March from 9 am to 2 pm at the Espacio Yimby (Sota Building) in Bilbao.

The session is structured in two parts: first, a first approach to enabling technologies and their application in construction works, and, second, a working session on opportunities to improve competitiveness in the participating companies, in response to the daily challenges of the activity.

The workshop is framed in the Block4Coop project whose aim is to foster and implement the Blockchain technology to improve competitiveness in SMEs

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