Self-Sovereign Identity is a new concept of digital identity with benefits both for entities and organizations and for end users. It changes the traditional paradigm by granting the end user control of his/her data, facilitating compliance with GDPR, improving data quality and customer experience.

This webinar will address the ID_Alastria model, which inspires the ESSIF-EBSI Project of the European Commission following the standard of “Verifiable Credentials” of the W3C; being a facilitating tool for GDPR compliance and the practical application thereof.


  • Maria Salgado Iturrino – Inetum Blockchain Manager Iberia & Latam
  • Ignacio Alaustrey – Director Aragón Inetum


At Eraikune we have started up the BLOCK4Coop Project through the Interreg Sudoe call, with the aim of driving the digital transformation of companies in southwest Europe and enabling them to improve their competitive capacity through Blockchain technology.

For this reason, we would like to invite you to attend the virtual open day entitled ‘Evolution of Blockchain Technology in the Main Industrial Sectors: Industry, Supply Chain, Construction’, to be held on Friday, January 29, from 10:00 to 12:30.

The day will address the evolution of Blockchain technology in the three main industrial sectors: Industry, the Supply Chain and Construction. Information will therefore be provided on Blockchain technology applied to each sector, and practical cases will be presented by industry experts.



Blockchain has burst onto the scene as a new transversal technology that combines easy use, low cost, high security and transparency, creating a new foundation of trust in information management and contributing to a considerable simplification and acceleration of industrial processes on all levels.

Besides being used in financial operations, it is perceived that it can provide great opportunities for launching new business models thanks to thedistributed nature of its technology, the immutability of its registers, and its capacity to execute decentralised logic through intelligent contracts.

This session will feature four practical cases of Blockchain technologies applied to industry in a diverse range of sectors. This seminar is part of the Block4COOP project financed by Interreg SUDOE.

10:00 – 10:10  Welcome and introduction to the seminar – HEGAN
10:10 – 10:20  Presentation of the Block4Coop project – FVEM
10:20 – 10:40  Chainbus Success Story: Cyber security platform for connected transportAIRBUS / TECNALIA
10:40 – 11:00  Success Story: “Exchange of secure data in industrial machinery in order to generate new business opportunities” – ORKLI / IKERLAN
11:00 – 11:20 EUSKATE Success Story: “Registering and sharing data for a transparent, automated and energy-efficient industry” IZERTIS / TECNALIA
11:20 – 11:40  AIGeCo Success Story: “Traceability of energy activity and automation in its distribution” PETRONOR / IZERTIS
11:40 – 12:00  Debate and close

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48 hours prior to the seminar we will send an email to registered participants with the link to the webinar



Blockchain has burst onto the scene as a new transversal technology that combines user-friendliness, low cost, high security and transparency, creating a new foundation of trust in information management and contributing to a considerable simplification and acceleration of industrial processes on all levels.

In addition to its use in financial transactions, it is perceived to be able to provide great opportunities to launch new business models due to the distributed nature of its technology, the immutability of its records, and its ability to execute decentralised logic through smart contracts.

This session, aimed at both SMEs and Start-ups, is the first of four technical seminarswhich will deal with the benefits of this technology, show practical cases and visit reference centres where it is being implemented.


  • Welcome, FVEM – Adolfo Rey, Managing Director.
  • Presentation of the BLOCK4COOP project”, FVEM – Joseba Sainz de Baranda, Organisation and Innovation Department.
  • Opportunities for the industry through Blockchain”, Ikerlan, Aitor Urbieta, Digital Platform Cyber Security Team Manager.
  • The importance of enabling technologies such as Blockchain in the Digital Transformation of organisations”, GAIA – Tomás Iriondo, Managing Director
  • Coffee Break– Networking
  • Building with Blockchain technology in the Cloud”, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Felix Mezo Gomez, AWS Partner Solutions Architect
  • The foundations of industrial cyber security”, Secure&IT – Hugo Llanos Burguera, Industrial Cyber Security Manager
  • Round tabledebate experts.


The private sector is beginning to take a look at Blockchain technology. However, there are very few user experiences in the public sector. The public tender distributed ledger system is a project that was started up in 2018 by the Government of Aragón, making it the most important public administration Blockchain technology user at the time. It is a pioneering project, as it uses highly disruptive technology in such an important field as public tendering, which represents 18% of Spain’s GDP. It also serves as a point of contact with companies, for whom, in this case, the use of Blockchain technology ensures transparency in the procedure and integrity of its offers, values that are added to the increased efficiency of administrative procedures in public tendering.

In the afternoon of June 9 we will have the ideologist and executor of this project, which is currently being used to process the many tenders managed by the Government of Aragón.

– Framework and next steps for the BLOCK4Coop Project
– The added value of distributed ledger technology applied to administrative procedures.
– The distributed ledger of public tender offers of the Government of Aragón.
– Questions from the floor.


Miguel Ángel Bernal: Professor of administrative law at the University of Zaragoza. His work has been dedicated to research, fundamentally in the field of public tendering, and has led to the publishing of 50 works on this subject. Member of the ADESTER research group recognised by the Government of Aragón. Executive Secretary at the Public Tendering Observatory ( During the last term of office he held the position of General Manager of Tenders, Heritage and Organisation at the Government of Aragón.

María Saldaña: Manager at the Public Tender Office of the Government of Aragón since its inception in 2017, now affiliated to the Public Tender General Directorate. She also holds the position of Secretary of the Administrative Tender Advisory Board, and prior to this was Technical Secretary at the Administrative Tribunal for Public Tender of Aragón.


Blockchain has burst onto the scene as a new transversal technology that combines: low cost, traceability, high security and transparency. Thanks to this technology, the tokenisation of assets is now changing the financial industry, leading to an optimisation of processes and providing a secure, much more efficient and low-cost access.
This tokenisation eliminates intermediaries in the marketing of assets and facilitates liquidity in the market. Equally, it offers access to retail investors and professionals, offering access to certain types of assets that were inaccessible to many investors until now.
In this session we will learn about the way in which Blockchain and tokenisation can help overcome current difficulties in company funding and the vision of different types of investors and financial regulators. It will give us an insight into the future prospects for the procurement of investment and debt thanks to Blockchain.

– Situation of Capital Markets. Current difficulties in company funding.
– The development of Blockchain and tokenisation in Spain and the rest of the world over recent years: ICOs, STOs, DSOs, IEOs, etc.
– A vision of different types of investors: institutional, professional and retail.
– Future prospects for the procurement of investment and debt thanks to Blockchain.
– Personal story:

Aimed at investors, professionals, SMEs and large companies interested in Blockchain applications in capital and funding markets


Zaragoza. 1983. Marketing Diploma from ESIC. International Marketing Module from ESIC/University of Cambridge. CRECE Programme from the IE (Instituto de Empresa) business school.
Trainer of trainers. +15 years’ experience of managing the family business, commercial and marketing manager at several different companies in the training, technology and investment sector.
Professor, mentor and consultant at: EOI, ESIC, ICEMD, IEBS, ICADE, ICEX, Centro Estudios Garrigues, ESNEDI, Founder Institute, INCIBE, Tetuan Valley, Google Launchpad, LaunchTF, Startup Weekend, etc.
Founder of,, Blockchain Day1 and Linkovery. Cofounder of Loogic Ventures. Partner in Loogic and SmartMoney.
Book: Blockchain in 30 minutes.